The Tour

Attention to safety and health at work is growing in our country and throughout Europe togrther with social awareness of the rights of workers and, for over 70 years, ANMIL Onlus has taken part in this process, engaging the Italian relevant ministries, regions and municipalities but also much of the business world, in an effort to ensure full implementation of the constitutional provisions and legislation on prevention to protect citizens and territory. By offering support and assistance to over 400,000 subscribers throughout Italy through the 500 branches that use the advice of professionals and experts, we wanted to dedicate our efforts to the spread of the culture of safety in the workplace, by promoting initiatives involving the widest possible number of citizens. To this end, in 2005, ANMIL founded “support them now” a private governance organisation that today, intends to convey these issues with a special tour that will see the President of the Foundation (paraplegic since the age of 17 for an accident at work), involved in a trip around Italy on a wheelchair, who will visit, more than 40 cities in 51 days. Cities where serious accidents with deaths occurred, also for occupational diseases. It will therefore be a sort of “secular pilgrimage” which, starting from Monfalcone, the city hit by one of the most serious asbestos exposures in the work environment at European level, on 28 April 2016 (World Day for Safety in the Workplace) will touch the Italian main symbolic places that, for number of fatal accidents, occupational diseases and environmental devastation, were the theatre of the great Italian work related tragedies :Livorno, Genoa, Turin, Porto Marghera (and other petrochemical sites spread over the National territory.) Broni, Campello sul Clitunno, Barletta, Taranto are only a few of the 40 stages of the “Tour for safety at work”, totalling 4.200 km about 2,000 of which will be covered on a wheelchair, the remaining will be covered instead by a camper following the President for the entire trip, as some sections are difficult or impossible for a wheelchair. The initiative will also aim to promote a fundraiser destined to scholarships for the children of those killed at work and for research into diseases caused by asbestos processing. The tour takes place under the patronage of the Senate (whose President Grasso has also granted on April 20th the Hall of Acts of Parliament in Piazza della Minerva in Rome for the press conference before the start of the Tour) and of ANCI (National Association of Italian Municipalities) that will support the various stages. With the essential cooperation of the local INAIL offices, family members of victims of work will be involved, togerher with the local authorities, young people and schools, while in some cities concerts, plays and other events will be organized. Partners of the Tour are: Silicondev S.p.A. who oversaw the design and construction of the site dedicated to the Tour and all the socials (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram), and that will provide the President Galvani with a device equipped with hardware and software to support him and allowing him to interact with people and socials during the trip; Tetramax Movie Services that will film the tour for the entire journey for the realization of a documentary film for a further awareness campaign.